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Since there had been a change in my tax situation I have undertaken a complet review of the prices on this site with many reductions across the series.

After the marathon of getting work together for my Highgate Show, Chaos2, I am taking a break from one man shows for a little while so as to get more fresh work together. 
As the chaos series is mostly 3D (in relief), it has been difficult to give the full effect. The whole idea is that with a movement to the left or the right there can be a small of large change on what one can see. This effect is especially marked in 'Changing Points of View', ‘Colour by Lottery’ and ‘Rhapsody in Blueish’, which all have shapes protruding from a curved surface. Fun. The more you look the more there is to see.
If you have any questions drop me a line at
I am now off to have more fun with paint and paper!